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DBH Radiation Pty Ltd provides high quality radiation safety advice, training and support to clients that use and possess ionising radiation sources and radioactive material.

Based in Melbourne, DBH is a multidisciplinary consultancy, led by Darren Billingsley, a practicing health physicist with 30 years of knowledge and experience

Our Services


DBH provides a variety of radiation safety and health physics services, and possess a wealth of practical experience to meet your individual or company needs ensuring compliance with local regulations.


Environmental Surveys

Country Field

Compliance Auditing

Radiation warning sign on the nameplate and the machanical container of factory process in

Training Courses

A presentation at the office

Management Plans

Document with Pen


Thanks for a very comprehensive and enjoyable couple of days training all things nuclear medical radiation’

Radiation Safety in Veterinary Nuclear Medicine

course participant – Oct. 2021


Ready to find out more?

Whether it be an on-line training course, compliance with local regulatory requirements, disposal of legacy sources, or an on-site assessment, DBH Radiation is ready to assist

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