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Training Courses


DBH Radiation provide a variety of radiation safety training courses. We possess a wealth of practical experience and the flexibility to deliver course content tailor made to fit the experience and needs of your employees. Courses combine theory with practical exercises to optimise participant learning.

Many courses can be run on-line so participants can join from their workplace or the comfort of their own home.

Whether it be for the mining industry, industrial quality control systems, the food industry or in research facilities, DBH recognize the significant implication of the use of radioactive materials and radiation apparatus containing sealed sources and X-ray generators on your work site.

​DBH run regular courses on fixed radiation gauges, cabinet x-ray screening, laboratory radioisotopes and x-ray analysis. Specialist courses covering veterinary nuclear medicine, NORM or other applications can be provided upon request.

Specifically designed for persons with no experience, Radiation Safety Officers, Use licence applicants, or as workforce refresher training, our courses impart the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently manage systems that incorporate a source of ionising radiation.

All courses are facilitated by Darren Billingsley, a Health Physicist with more than 32 years industry experience.

​Our courses are endorsed by the local regulatory authorities and reflect the most current regulatory safety requirements.

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