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Environmental Surveys

Environmental radiation surveys are an important requirement for some mining operations. Baseline monitoring may be an environmental pre-requisite prior to operations commencing. Alternatively, a radiation land survey may be required to identify the presence of legacy radioactive material in soils, or to locate sources arising from historical operations.

DBH has the required specialised radiation monitoring equipment required to conduct an environmental survey for assessment of low-level radiation, and allow discrimination from natural radioactivity already present in the ground.

DBH has extensive experience undertaking radiation baseline surveys, and undertaking impact assessments on behalf of heavy mineral sands mining companies as part of the environmental approvals process. Often assessment of surface and groundwaters, ambient radon, airborne dust and potential vegetable uptake are required.


The importance of assessment of the impact of occupational workers, members of the public and the general environment including non-human biota is appreciated. An understanding of the appropriate community engagement on radiation-related matters is a critical component of any approvals process.

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